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What is your 1-year experience about?

What is the Young Entrepreneurs' Program about?

Learn from successful entrepreneurs


During YEP you will have a personal mentor, who is a successful entrepreneur already, to help you reflect on your business and overcome struggles easily.

Connect with likeminded young talents

You are connecting to at least 25 young and high potential entrepreneurs, who are also participating in YEP. You will get to know experts and mentors as well to build a solid foundation for your business network.

Overcome your biggest challenges

Every other month you’ll be part of our Focus Camps in Berlin where you’ll focus and your current problems so that you’ll come home with a definite solution. Other participants and experts will help you to overcome them.

Meet your peers

What they do

We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of young entrepreneurs that range from self-employed to early stage startups.

Join the Young Entrepreneurs‘ Program

No matter the size of your business, you will be able to benefit from signing up with YEP today.

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The Program

YEP is an application only 1-year program to support young entrepreneurs aged below 23 by providing the best network, experts and mentors to overcome hurdles during your journey.

Powered by CODE

YEP is a program powered by CODE University of Applied Sciences, which is a new kind of university that prepares its students for the reality of tomorrow’s workplace.

Should you apply for YEP?

No matter if you’re graduating, studying or running your own business full-time, as long as you’re into entrepreneurship and solving problems, YEP can be the perfect program for you.

Work remotely

You don’t have to live in Berlin or move here to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs‘ Program.
Everything besides the Focus Camps can be done from home. That means you only need to be in Berlin for a weekend every other month.

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Application Phase

Until the 14th of April

Selection Process

April & May

Kick-Off Day & 1st Focus Camp


2nd Focus Camp


3rd Focus Camp


4th Focus Camp


5th Focus Camp

March 2019 (to be defined)

6th Focus Camp

May 2019 (to be defined)

June/July 2020

YES – Young Entrepreneurs‘ Summit


Fabian Tausch

Fabian Tausch

Co-Founder of YEP

Fabian started a podcast about entrepreneurship to help young people understand different ways to live a life besides university.

Thomas Bachem

Thomas Bachem

Co-Founder YEP & CODE University of Applied Sciences

Tom is a successful entrepreneur who already sold multiple companies. He also founded CODE.

Young Entrepreneurs‘ Program


To participate in YEP, you have to pay a monthly fee of 150€ for one year.

The contribution of 150€ per month doesn’t fully cover the costs we have in creating this program for you.

CODE supports YEP so we can provide a maximum of value for you as a participant at low costs.

On top of that we’re also reaching out to organizations and individuals who want to become sponsors.

Let’s create something extraordinary


Apply for YEP

Have a question?

You should have graduated from school and be maximum 23 years old when the next cohort starts.

As long as you meet the age requirements and executed projects, we can just ask you to apply. We’re focusing on the right mindset and the drive to execute your plans, not on the perfect idea.

Yes. We’re organizing Focus Camps about every two months in Berlin, and you should participate as often as possible in them. We offer free rides with our partner FlixMobility so that you can travel to Berlin with low costs.

Yes, we will focus on your unique situation by providing mastermind sessions, mentoring and focus camps to solve your current challenges.

YEP as a program is designed for solo persons. If you want to participate as a team, all of you can apply for YEP on your own and maybe cross-reference in a cool way (e.g., attachments) that you’re working together.

Usually we expect entrepreneurs on a certain level that you can bring this amount of money to the table as this is a crucial ability for every entrepreneur. There is one exclusion: If you graduated from the school in the year that you applied, and you can show that neither you or your parents can pay this amount of money, we can try to figure things out. Please send us the standard application and tell us about it when you are in the next step of the application process.

No, it isn’t. YEP is powered by CODE, but it is a separate program that everybody who is interested in entrepreneurship can apply for.