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The community for young entrepreneurs.

Access to the world of entrepreneurship.

YEP is about connecting the next generation of entrepreneurs with each other, successful founders and experts from various industries.


Exchange. Learn. Thrive.

Entrepreneurship is about building a sustainable business, no matter if it is bootstrapped or funded, an agency, or a digital product, and no matter if you are from Berlin or living in a small village.

Before YEP there was no existing network for young talents who committed themselves to entrepreneurship early on.

That’s why we built a thriving community for young entrepreneurs to connect.
The community is here to support you during good and especially the bad times by providing a network of young entrepreneurs on the same journey, leaders from various industries with a lot of experience, and successful founders who mastered such a crisis already.

Generation of entrepreneurs.

YEP is about bringing the next-gen of entrepreneurs together.
Our members are committed to entrepreneurship and focused on finding problems worth solving.


Mentors and experts.

Our members have access to a broad network of experienced founders, industry leaders and experts to connect with and learn from.

Mentors & Experts.

Benefits for members.

Members have access to a variety of exclusive deals from the most innovative companies to support them with access to the best tools and events.

Exclusive benefits.

Click to connect from anywhere.

YEP is all about access.
Nowadays, tapping into the ecosystem of entrepreneurs requires a lot of physical presence and visiting hotspots or events.

We are enabling young founders to tap into this ecosystem without moving to a new city or always having to be present. With our digital community, a platform to connect with experts and mentors, and our virtual get-togethers and workshops, you can access this whole world with a click.

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Our partners

What others say about YEP.

We don’t want to make this website or the community about us. It is about you, our members, our mentors, and partners. That’s why we would love to let them speak to you, and let them give you some insight on what being part of YEP is about.

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We would love to learn more about you. Therefore we invite you to take on our application. You can start right now by filling out our application form below.

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